Starlog #1: “Live long, and prosper.” — Spock

Wow my very first Starlog on this exciting course, because that is what I am; excited.

Star Trek has always been and still is a big part of my life. My dad used to work so many hours and ‘our’ time was watching Star Trek The Next Generation. It will forever be my fav Trek because of this. Well it is one of the many reasons. Voyager came after, then dipped my toe in the Original Series, DS9 and got hooked on Enterprise. I’ve never really followed the reviews or opinions, it’s all fine and that is the nice part of having opinions; we can all have them and we can all agree to disagree. Yet we all love Star Trek for our own personal reason, whatever series or fav characters.

Discovery is a guilty pleasure for me. And will forever be, especially the first season. But then Picard happened and maybe because I’m older now I appreciated it so much more somehow.

I go to conventions, have a couple of Star Trek uniforms in my closet and merchandise. And whenever I’m feeling down in this fast-paced life and pressing economics, Star Trek is a touchstone, a comfort blanket that I’ll always gladly wrap around me.

So here we go on this adventure called this course. Really looking forward to it!

Take care lovelies!


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