Starlog #17: “We prefer to help ourselves. We make mistakes, but we’re human — and maybe that’s the word that best explains us.” — Kirk

Each episode in the watch list features a different character who embraces (or struggles with) their intersectionality. Which character resonates the most with you? In what ways?

I’d have to pick ST TNG’s “Family” episode that resonates the most with me.

The premise was hated by Gene Roddenberry but still Moore’s script was pushed forward and resulted in one of those episodes people either love or hate. Gene Roddenberry didn’t believe there could be any animosity between Picard and his brother in that day and age.

No matter your walk of life I believe you can resonate to one of the characters struggle. Whether it is Worf’s shame of being discommendated and having very human parents, and having to accept that it is not weak to be loved and cared for or love and care for someone else. It is a strength not a weakness.

Or Beverly’s struggle to protect Wesley from the hurt his father’s death left behind but deciding to show him the holographic recording and giving Wesley the freedom to deal with his feelings but support him none the less. Or Wesley having to deal with losing a parent, a loved one, a compass in life when he is trying to find his way in life.

Or Picard traveling back to France and finding his brother, a family member jealous of him even though Picard is close to breaking from what he has been through with the Borg and how through fights and harsh words they find each other again. How those emotions boiled and spat out to flow into understanding of each other.

All of these are such human emotions and parts of our lives we all go through and it resonated with me the most.

Take care!



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