Starlog #22: “To be human is to be complex. You can’t avoid a little ugliness — from within — and from without.” -Kirk

Which captain do we need most in today’s society? Whose approach would best serve to lead us through the challenges we face as a world and universe today? Does Discovery’s take on focusing not on the captain in season 1 change our perception of this lesson?

As far as Captains go, I personally lean more to Janeway because I feel she does follow the regulations of Starfleet but she isn’t afraid to question it from time to time. I feel Picard, especially in TNG (ST PICARD is where I like his reasoning, and it goes against Starfleet but he’s not a Captain so can’t use that) is such a stickler for rules and regulations and his believe in the philosophy that Starfleet has and many a times lectures his own crew, even his first officer, when they’re inclined to stray away from the strictness of Starfleet.

Kirk was open minded enough but I feel like he was still learning how to keep his humanity and still be following Starfleet and also thinking of other aliens and species which he didn’t always do so definitely not a candidate for today’s society.

For today’s society I would pick either Sisko or Janeway because I feel they had to handle issues in their own crew, base, ship which today’s riots reflects.

If the whole Covid situation has taught us anything is that people don’t like to have their freedom taken away or to listen to too many rules and regulations (mind you I am one of those people in a risk-category so I stayed inside as much as I could and kept my distance and wears a double mask — also cause my work demands it) so Picard and maybe Janeway wouldn’t be the best choice to lead.

Specifically during that whole ordeal I think maybe Archer or Sisko would be good, I know unpopular opinion but they think of the people first and kinda question Starfleet a bit. And I think people can appreciate that in a time where their leaders and politicians fail to have someone who speaks up against rulers and is not afraid to put his opinion forward and actually do something about it.

ST Discovery though, Burnham would be the better choice of them all. Probably also an unpopular opinion but she started as an outcast and people connect with that, she values the people more than whatever Starfleet throws at her and because she is in the first officer position she is allowed to question it more than a Captain.

There is a common thread in my opinion and that is; we would need someone who is not a stickler for rules and regulations any means necessary but someone who would do anything for the people, can’t be bribed, doesn’t want to be a politician and is good at diplomacy yet very forward and unapologetic.



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