2 min readApr 10, 2021


Starlog #25: “Look at these three words written larger than all the rest, and with special pride never written before or since — tall words, proudly saying “We the people” … these words and the words that follow … must apply to everyone or they mean nothing.” -Kirk

Margaret asks, “What comes next?” What social issue should Star Trek take on as the show progresses? What is something that we see today in the world that science fiction through defamiliarization or extrapolation can help us think about in a new way?

Wow I have a really hard time thinking of a social issue that Star Trek hasn’t already addressed in an episode or a movie. Even on from the earlier days there wasn’t a topic they would shy away from and ST Discovery normalized a lot of social issues. And I can appreciate an episode where it doesn’t always have a happy ending. One of those episodes is ST Enterprise where Trip meets this being used as an incubator, is genderless, not allowed to read or be part of a family because it is just that to that culture.

And Trip teaches this being how to be an individual and stand up against that and in the end the being commits suicide and that episode always left a heavy impression on me but it is such a reality still to this day.

If anything I would think of the way some countries are losing the democracy in a form of dictatorship. Or talk about the downfall of USA and European Union which seems to not be working at all, and as someone who lives in a European country that holds the HQ of the EU, isn’t a huge voice cause that’s Germany and France but pays enormous taxes to be part of it as well, I would like to see an episode divulge in that. How maybe the loss of money took away that misplaced power.

Or how did we end up not having any currency in Star Trek, did we go from coins to Cryptocurrency to digital exchange of favors and goods…how did that happen. Poverty vs extreme levels of being too rich.

Yeah I’d like to see that.