Starlog #26: “Change is the essential process of all existence.” -Spock

What concerns does Star Trek raise about the relationship between humans and technology? How do these concerns relate to current discussions about technology today?

First if we equal technology to robots, I don’t see an issue if they are designed for helping people and our universe but if we turn that into an AI and sentient beings that opens up a whole other can of worms.

One of my favorite characters is Data. Seeing his growth and his craving of wanting to be part human and asking all these questions and I guess for some people it would raise a concern whether we would allow them to have choices even though they are better than us and smarter and faster. Always funny to hear people talk about robots taking over the world and silently using Tesla cars and robot vacuum cleaners to kill us.

Are there concerns? Sure if we become too dependent on technology, if our awareness gets dumbed down where it puts us in danger then I can understand that concern.

Star Trek wise, being able to change your look, your race, your complete aesthetic and pretend to be someone else or part of something else that could be concerning.

The Borg and their search for the most advanced technology puts human lives in danger (any life really, alien or not) as they do not have empathy. It’s just assimilating everything in their path, assimilate first no questions later.

The EMH has always been a bit, yes he’s an assistant and treated as a lightbulb that can be turned on and off and yet he wants to part of the crew and they should and they did.

Let technology develop, we’ll always have concerns and ups and failures but in the end if it benefits us all, why not?

Ad Astra!

Signing off Starlog

Vice Admiral Lee



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