2 min readJan 17, 2021


Starlog #8: “We prefer to help ourselves. We make mistakes, but we’re human — and myabe that’s the word that best explains us.” -JT Kirk

Think of a global issue that we are facing today that causes fear or concern. What would be the plot of a television show that depicted a utopian and optimistic vision of the future of that issue?

Easily the most talked about global issue right now is the COVID-19 pandemic. As Pharma companies are pushing out the vaccines while still testing in certain test groups, it is a scary thought seeing a planet being put on hold because of a virus. People are scared for their lives, for their families and friends, of the economical impact, of their rights being taken away, of conspiracies, of not knowing the end of it all….

Not all of the above are statements I agree with, it is just what consumes people’s thoughts right now. I can only imagine, and it already has, how this can be a plot for a television show. It could show 2020/2021 as how governments failed dealing with the virus, how certain people failed following the rules of protecting others. How being in a lockdown showed more of humanity’s ugly sides to come forward; more domestic abuse, children falling behind on their education, riots happening, people sprouting all kinds of conspiracy theories hyping up the anger and fright in the people.

And it can show how in the future, people do not have to worry, new strain pops up; they have the medical facilities for everyone, no matter your background or financial status, or status at all. They found a way to counter the virus for anyone at risk and having a sort of government body that people trust and follow.

Take care everyone! Stay safe!